Reboot is a new beginning for women who left work to be daughters, mothers, wives, homemakers, care givers, et al. The truth is that it doesn’t matter why you left. What matters is that you want to return to work, and that’s where Reboot comes in – because Reboot is about YOUR journey back to the workforce.

Reboot Mag is a natural extension of the ideology that we believe in at Reboot – not just help them get back but create an avenue for them to make inroads into or perhaps even a career. This is why we felt the need to create a vibrant space where women (or, for that matter, men) can have meaningful conversationsand share ideas about matters that are close to their heart.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback. Please visit Reboot to know more about us and join the community.

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About the Founders

Gopika Kaul
Founder, Reboot Mag

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Gopika Kaul is a digital media professional. She has a bachelor’s in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi and a master’s in New Media from New York University. Gopika has worked with various global corporations in New York and Hong Kong before returning to India in 2004.

Currently she is a Principal Digital Consultant for a firm focused on the digital medium and leads the team effort in creating a dynamic platform for social media publishers. She also heads the content team on communication consulting, development and strategy for multiple online platforms. In addition to this Gopika also wears a writer’s hat. She has written for the op-ed section of the Times of India, the International Business Times, Huffington Post, Qiddle, to name a few.

Gopika believes that a woman’s professional journey is not linear, and that she must prepare for the fork-in-the-road long before she reaches it. Like most professional women around her, she has constantly juggled work and home, but never given up the former, even if it meant working from home. She has previously worked for Time Warner in New York and Indiatimes in New Delhi.

Anupama Kapoor
Co-founder RebootMag


Anupama Kapoor is a HR and Gender Diversity professional, with over two decades of experience across diverse functions and industries, in Hong Kong, the United States and India.

In her mainstream association with the corporate world, Anupama has held multiple Operational and Quality roles with large organizations such as Standard Chartered Bank and General Electric. In 2004, she took a break from the corporate world and set up BEANStalk, a Talent Management Consultancy partnering with large organizations like American Express, IBM, Accenture, GE, Airtel, amongst others.

It was on this journey that the idea of Reboot took shape. She met an ever growing number of women who wanted to start, wanted to leave, wanted to re-join, constantly juggling, always guilt ridden and at battle with their ‘parallel lives’ Launching Reboot in 2013, was the logical conclusion for her. For Anupama, Reboot is an enabler that will bring more women back into the workforce, simultaneously raising their confidence and self- esteem, gaining their independence and equality.

Anupama is a History graduate from Delhi University. She has done her Masters in Human Resources from Symbiosis, Pune and Women Development Studies at SNDT University, Mumbai. She is a GE Trained, Tested and Certified Six Sigma Quality Black Belt and a Mentor with CBFW UK.