When My Feathers Are Cut



This Blog Post was written for Women’s Day

Woman’s day is again round the corner. Celebration of women with so much of glory and pride. But is the celebration done with an open heart?

Woman, beautiful creation of God who got the ability to carry human in her womb for 9 months and in her heart for life long. Motherhood is the priceless and divine gift I got. But the sad truth I realized behind this divinity is that, your feathers will be cut and you will lose your ability to fly.

After that, when you wants to fly again towards your career, you will be judged. You will be seen as outdated to current technologies. Your sincerity and hard work will be unnoticed. Only thing the people can see in you, is obstacles of your path. Your lovely children will be portrayed as obstacles.

But is that truth? No. The truth is mindset of people. Whenever I get an interview call the most common question is this. Who will take care of your children when you come to work? But I wonder, why they don’t ask a father the same question. The bringing up of children is the responsibility of both dad and mom. But why only women are cornered.

My children is my responsibility. And if I have decided to come back to work I definitely should have made some plans for them. No one in whole world is gonna love the children the way,  a mother do. So an interviewer should concentrate on the skills of the candidate rather than the children.

I am a proud daughter of a working mother. And I know there is no flaws in my moms parenting. I also want to prove like her. I want to go further beyond. I want to reach a position in my career, from where I could help other woman also come out of these struggles.

This woman’s day we don’t require any gift or respect. We want to change the mindset of people. If a mother can carry a baby in her womb and mold him into a great human being, then she is possible to do anything.

And this is a promise I make to myself, I will climb all the obstacles come in my way, reach the opportunities and fly towards my dreams. My feathers are not burdened or cut due to motherhood. My children are not my weakness. They are my strength and pride. I will flew to all possible heights with them.

Even a single person who reads this, feels  inspired, and give a try for their flight I feel my thought is full filled.

This woman’s day let’s join hands and fly towards our dreams and change the mindset of our society. No one ever dare to think our children are our weakness. Let us prove they are our strength and pride. They are our key to success and happiness

By   Babidha Praveen
Find more of Babidha’s writings at: http://babidha.blogspot.in/

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