An Eagle With New Wings



This is my story. A story of how time turned me from an independent girl with bubbling energy, passion & strong determination, to a weakened soul in 2013; of how entry in SPJIMR in 2017 became the turning point of my life re-instilling the weakened self-confidence giving courage to rise and soar high in the sky. This is the story of how I invested in myself and reaped the gains of it.

Newly wed, I moved to my new house in Mumbai in 2008. In a few months’ time, I started working for an organization with good career growth opportunity but I realized that my stint would not last long as the organization’s values and culture was very different from mine and I could not pull the relationship any longer. I worked there for 4.5 years and quit in July 2013 when I was expecting my son. It was a very difficult decision because having worked for 12 years and suddenly losing financial independence was tough call for me to take. Yet I was clear in my mind that my child will always have my first priority over my career.

Nine months of to-be-motherhood also weren’t easy. It showed me all the colours of physical and emotional changes as outlined in the book “What to Expect When You Are Expecting“. The stress of quitting work and its impact on family, my financial independence added to my emotional in-stability.

However, I made plans for my free time, a wish list of my favourite to-dos and mostly enjoy the phase but life had different plans for me. Just like in Indian Soap Opera, time unfolded a series of extremely unpleasant surprises personally which left me unsure and feeling belittled. I did try to take interviews and get a job in the interim but nothing came out of such attempts.

SPJIMR came like a life saviour in Dec 2016. I was surprised when I got through to join the 11-month full time PGMPW and could not believe my own self and my fate. Feeling overjoyed, admission to this course served me multiple purposes:

  • It first gave me the opportunity to silence the people who thought that I had no value and elevated my position in the family of being able to secure admission in a premier B-School.
  • It re-kindled my lost self-confidence and self-admiration of being able to make it through.
  • I came at peace with myself.
  • It allowed me to re-live my MBA days way back in 2000 which I spent studying only and enabled me to sing “Give me some sunshine, give me some rays, give me another chance, I want to grow up once again….” From the movie 3 Idiots.

Neighbours, distant family and friends appreciated me for having taken this step of studying at this stage of life and responsibilities.

At the Institute, the inspiring talks by the Dean and the Faculty uplifted the battered soul and rekindled the spirit to-be. The curriculum, course content, pedagogy created complete upheaval and disruption to pave way for new learning to take place. There were thrilling subjects like Business Strategy, Blue Ocean Strategy which challenged my business acumen and courses like Science of Spirituality and Coaching which brought my roaring spirits back to ground. I realized over a period of time, that subtly I developed new wings of courage that stood firm on the values deep rooted in my heart humming “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky”.

This is my story of COURAGE and HEART! Thank you SPJIMR! You taught me to invest in myself. I think every woman should do that.

By Mrydul Gupta




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