Another Abortion Obstacle Course For Women



So, here’s another abortion story – one that (needless to add) is not only anti-women but downright ridiculous. Arkansas, a state in the south-eastern region of America, has been systematically creating an obstacle course for the women who wish to have an abortion. It has passed 5 laws recently, which restrict women from having an abortion in various and often indirect ways. In one of the laws they passed, the foetal tissue is considered as a deceased family member as well, which gives its family members a right to the manner of its disposal. Expecting mothers are, therefore, compelled to consult the opinion of the father of the foetus as well. What’s worse is that the law makes no exception for victims of rape which is the completely ridiculous part (imagine the plight of the women who have to give birth to children after being raped, to say nothing of what those children will go through).

Though the father cannot stop the mother from getting an abortion, he would have to agree with the method of disposal of the foetal tissue. If there was a disagreement, he could take her to court to battle it out. Meanwhile, the mother cannot get an abortion, and the resolution of the case could take a long time, which would result in her being unable to carry out the procedure after a point in time.

Two other laws further regulate the disposal of the foetal tissue after the abortion, one restricts the abortion procedure in the second trimester, and the last decides that doctors can’t perform abortions if they think that it is being done solely considering the sex of the child.

It is interesting to note that both biologically and socially, the majority of the responsibility of caring for and deciding for the child is left to mothers. It is explained away using various arguments- citing the ‘natural motherly instincts’ of women, or other, colourful and insulting misogynistic arguments. But giving the father a say in the decision of the disposal of the foetal tissue has only served to make abortion a harder step to achieve, stripping the mother of her right over her own body.

This is a very base move- that of imposing private beliefs on the public- without having it seem like an imposition at all. Rather than banning abortion, they unleash the curse of red-tapism on pregnant women. Their belief that life is above and beyond everything else is fanatically inclined, and reeks of moral superiority and self-congratulation. This ideal becomes a shrine in their minds, at the altar of which human happiness is sacrificed with great alacrity. It is a glorious act to inflict such misery on humans for a cold, abstract ideal. And ‘humanity’, my dear readers, might go to hell.

By Halak Pandya.


Halak is an undergraduate student pursuing literature. She aspires to be a writer. Halak also holds a Master Diploma in Bharatnatyam and a Black belt in Taekwondo. She describes herself as a luftmensch.

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