Priyanka Wears A Dress. People Give Her A Lesson In “Decency”.


Priyanka Chopra was in Berlin and so was Prime Minister Modi – so they met and exchanged pleasantries. She looked elegant and poised and tweeted a picture with Mr. Modi. Then, all hell broke loose. Apparently, her wearing a dress was, get this, a sign of disrespect to the Prime Minister (I know, we don’t get it either)

Puzzling as this sounds, it seems showing a bit of leg (the dress was till her knees – full sleeves, neckline high, pretty floral, something probably the Duchess of Cambridge would wear) was, well, was against our sanskaar. Right (will someone please coin a national definition of Sanskaar? Just so we know)

So, we’re left wondering what would have been the appropriate attire? Ah, a sari, of course – yes, how obvious was that, and we all, especially Ms. Chopra, seemed to have missed this relevant point – when you want to show respect, wear a sari (or at least cover them legs!).

Few gems below:



The trolling of Priyanka Chopra proves, yet again, that women are easy targets – and talking about their bodies is accepted. The fact that Priyanka is a super successful star who has broken the mould and carved a place for herself in a bitterly competitive industry is all fine, but the fact that she wore a dress (not exactly a bikini) was all that people could focus on. Once again, this parochial mindset has shown its ugly side – she was even called “desperate American” by someone (beats us how wearing a dress is trying to be American, unless you know they’ve patented it and declared ownership on the attire)

It’s all too easy – to attack a woman – and try to give her a lesson in decency. Maybe we need a national definition of what the word means. Oh wait, we know – it applies only to women, means that they should not step out alone (unless they want to get raped), they must be covered from head to toe (gawking at IPL cheerleaders is ok, though, we can bend our sanskaar for white women showing leg and more), they must speak when spoken to and listen to the men of the house, they must be devoted wives and mothers (plod away uncomplainingly at home for the benefit of their families), and, of course, they must never, ever wear a dress – that is pure sin.


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