A World Of Double Standards

Soar my daughter
Aim to touch the skies
You are equal to your brother
You need to live your life.
Study well and stand on your feet
PhDs are within your reach
You can be president,
You can be anything you want to be.
You deserve a more doting husband
You always work so hard
They make you get up early
They make you cook & cry
Your talents are many,
No one realizes them
Show it to the world and shine
I will always be on your side.
Have you seen my daughter-in-law?
What a lazy girl!
My son gets takeaway for dinner,
While she continues doing her work.
She is so lucky
Don’t know what he sees in her!
What has she really given him?
A messy home in the name of equality.
She is so career-minded
Never focuses on anything else
She runs off on business trips
While my son just babysits.
Why does she have such big ambitions?
Why did her parents bring her up this way?
She has no sense of responsibility
My son is her slave.

By Namratha Varadharajan


Namratha is a digital marketer in the making. Other than her love for the written word and her kids, she enjoys Italian food, dancing and gardening. Explore more of her writings at www.namysaysso.com

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