Ten Things I would like to #Uncolour this Holi


Hope everyone had a Happy Holi ! Chancing upon the #Uncolour campaign on Twitter really got me thinking about what perceptions and prejudices I would love to change this Holi.

Here is my short list:

  • Women are not as capable as men in fields like science or maths, and men are not good at art or dance.
  • Women have to do it all to have a career: manage a home, take care of the kids and then give a job a chance. A career should always be given second priority.
  • Only ‘fair’ is beautiful.
  • Women are not strong and that men cannot be weak.
  • Girls like pink, and boys like blue.
  • Women should eat in the family only after the men, kids and elders have eaten.
  • Housework is only a women’s work.
  • Girls and women who go out after dark are asking for trouble.
  • Girls who have boyfriends are ‘uncultured’(to use an euphemism).
  • Women who work full-time and go after their dreams are selfish.
  • Women who employ maids, cooks or nannies are lazy.
  • If a man gives his wife priority or listens to her ideas, he becomes her slave.
  • The ultimate purpose of any woman’s life is to get married and have kids.

I could go on, but you probably get the drift. Would you like to add to my list? What do you want to ‘Uncolour’ this Holi?

by Namratha Varadharajan


Namratha is a digital marketer in the making. Other than her love for the written word and her kids, she enjoys Italian food, dancing and gardening. Explore more of her writings at www.namysaysso.com

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