Amal Clooney Talks About ISIS. Populists Talk About Her Baby Bump!


It’s interesting – a woman can speak her mind, argue intellectually, but her body is the first topic of discussion. It’s nauseating really.

Amal Clooney is an international human rights lawyer (though she’s known more as the wife of George Clooney). She delivered a great, heartfelt speech at the United Nations yesterday about the Islamic State. It was a stirring speech – one that brought attention to a disturbing and real issue facing our world today. But that’s not what got the attention of a populist media, like Time Magazine, despite her powerful delivery. If we may use a pun here – it was the other delivery that she is due to give that caught the attention. Time even tweeted saying -“Amal Clooney shows off her baby bump at the United Nations.”. Ugh.

And this is the part that gets our goat. Women’s bodies are always the first subject of discussion – and also the best line of attack that people can think of when they want to
troll her. Sure, there were many publications that applauded her speech – but the fact that Time chose to focus on her body is what’s the disturbing. And it sets the wrong precedent – that women’s bodies can be subjects of open discussion. It’s irresponsible and it must stop. The magazine faced an online backlash. Samantha Schmidt of The Washington Post said –  “Those watching her speech would have hardly noticed her barely visible bump, unless, of course, they were specifically looking for it”.

Maybe it Time we noticed women for their minds and what they believe in. Too much to ask?


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