Honest Lesson


During the course of parenthood we all must impart our children with a few important lessons. This was my earnest attempt to guide my 6 year old. I felt duty bound. I hope this lesson stays with him for a lifetime…while to me it still remains as one the most liberating moment of his growing up.


They roll down his tender cheeks,

He turns crimson and sniffs,

My heart goes out to him,

But I say else from lips.

‘It’s a lesson for you today,

So that tomorrow you don’t repeat,

This is no way to behave’

I admonish aloud, as I speak.

My inner being squirms,

As he keeps saying sorry,

A guilt wave lashes me,

No crown I aspire in this parental glory.

Consciously, I’d decided to punish,

To mellow down now will be foolish,

I hail my act as a tentative parent,

Yet my nervous inward does repent.

Unfazed exterior gives away,

I put my annoyance at bay,

Snuggle him to my bosom again,

He sobs hard to end our pain.

‘I promise Mom…never ever will I tell lies’

As my anger subsides, I bob and sermonize:

“Do not make a promise to me sugar pie,

I am a Mom and shall remain till I die.

I shall be with you, guide you, till I can

Better you’ll be, if you are an honest man.

Many a times this path will be hard to choose,

Promise yourself, to have the fortitude,

To fearlessly take the truthful way,

Walk alone, but never do sway”.

Written by Charu Gulati within the compilation ‘Memoirs For My Son’.


Charu is a post graduate in English Literature from Delhi University, a working professional and above all a woman slipping into numerous roles each day. She draws inspiration to write from life and its finer nuances. She says that anything that touches her deep within, eventually translates into poetry. Some of her anthologies have been published by various publication houses. She hopes to compile all her work and present it to the world in the form of a poetry book.

The above verse captures a mother’s guilt – which many of us would be able to relate to.

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