Beyoncé’s Epic Grammy Performance. With Her Twin Babies’ Bump!


We don’t need to tell you that we think it’s absolutely terrific that Beyonce chose to flaunt her twin-babies bump in style at the Grammys! Her grace and absolutely don’t-care-what-you-think attitude is exactly what we, at Reboot, support.


In what was meant to be a highly-anticipated performance, Beyonce, sang Mother’s Pride, as she revealed her bump for the first time. Looking resplendent in a gold sparkling gown, her bump was more than visible.  And she rocked the Grammy’s performance, in true Beyonce style!


Our two cents worth is this: Women, for too long, have been bashful about their pregnancies. And we’ve never really understood why. And when stars like Beyonce come out and flaunt their bumps in such mind boggling style – it really tells all women that they should do what they in regular life, wear what they like when they are pregnant.


When women in position take the lead on any issue, it slowly becomes the norm. We salute such women! Also, if we might add, this is how to make an entrance in style!

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