SPJIMR’s Management Programme for Women: Making Gender Equality in the Workplace a Reality – by Jahnavi Laungani


Life is a series of commas, not full stops.

Our lives are made up of various stages. From childhood to adolescence and finally adulthood we go through a myriad of experiences. Many women have to transition from active careers to domesticity especially when they become mothers. But ironically the very same thing that is all consuming all of a  sudden dries up, as the challenges of parenting change from hands-on to remote. Of course the aim of successful parenting is to lead children to independence, but once the kids get busier with their own lives there is a sudden lacuna that needs to be filled in. You may find yourself wanting to go back to work for different reasons or even just to regain your self, but  there are struggles along the way back to the playing field.

 The last few years have seen a slow but steady shift in the attitude towards women and gender equality in the working population. Now a days there is legitimacy and respect given to a sabbatical taken for purposes of starting and raising a family and women are admired for their ability to easily multi-task and manage several roles simultaneously. But for many getting back after a sabbatical can be daunting. Things change everyday and there are new things to cope with. You may find yourself far behind the latest trends – technologically, educationally and otherwise.

The worst thing that we can do to ourselves is live with regret. Sometimes all we need is a light nudge to get us off our feet and the sky could be the limit once we soar. Women are believed to be born managers so why not take that strength to the board room an exercise some woman power there? While taking a break from your career to focus on other aspects of your life is a perfectly respectable decision, there is a massive talent pool that is falling to the way side for lack of opportunity and support.

Research has found that:

  • a substantial number of women leave the work force every year due to the lack of gender diverse opportunities and support;
  • women in leadership roles are valuable assets to organizations;
  • women, due to their unique thought processes bring a different and versatile perspective  and vision to the table.

SPJIMR has just launched its pioneering Management Programme for Women (MPW), through which they wish to hone the Women Leaders of Tomorrow. This is a full time management training programme for women who are keen on getting back into the workforce.

To bring women back SPJIMR has introduced this path breaking program to help women over come hurdles such as:

  • discontinuity in experience;
  • lack of contemporary skills;
  • lack of self confidence and self belief.

SPJIMR has also tied up corporates to work with them in aspects such as selection, mentoring, guest lectures, internships and placements. In this way this program will help women make the transition back to work smooth and sure. It is a welcome change to see an esteemed institution like SPJIMR work towards gender equality in an age when we need it most. SPJIMR has made a solid commitment to improve gender equality in the work place and change gender mind sets tapping the dormant but roaring potential in women to drive economic growth.

The course offers specialisations in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Information Management. All you need to sign up is a minimum period of work experience of 5 years, a break or sabbatical of not less than 2 years and a Bachelor’s Degree and you could be on your way to success in the corporate world slicing your way through the glass ceiling.


Jahnavi Kohli Laungani: Lawyer by qualification, she turned to freelance
writing as a medium to voice her strong creative side and multitude of
thoughts. She writes on all things that inspire her, from politics to yoga,
womanhood, life and more.Follow her at www.jahnavilaungani.com.
She tries to balance out the challenges of motherhood while developing a
thriving career as a Work From Home Professional Freelance Content and
Creative Writer.

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