The Monthly Monster in Your Head – by Jahnavi Laungani

keep calm - PMS

She stood at the kitchen sink, her hands mechanically wiping the last piece of cutlery and her mind rife with thoughts. She hated what had become of her life. The monotony, the boredom that crept in so quietly she didn’t even notice it anymore. There was a time she actually cared about so many things she now discounted.

He walked in at 8 pm., as usual. Threw his keys into the bowl on the counter and continued to give her the customary peck. “How was your day?” she asked, to which came the usual monosyllable “alright”.  She laid his food out on the table and considered her tasks done for the day.

As she undressed she assessed her body in the mirror. Although she worked hard to maintain it she found herself far off the mark set by modern day beauty standards. The mid-night snacking didn’t help matters, but then she wasn’t the first woman who binged away her anxiety. She got into the shower. The hot water stung her body like a thousand little darts in a rhythm that managed to soothe her body and mind. She thought of shaving her legs but then thought, would he even notice? She didn’t feel sexy and couldn’t remember the last time she did. She patted herself dry wondering why there was no spark in her life, why it all felt so listless. She reluctantly moisturized her parched skin and wore her favorite flannel pajamas that gave her the comfort she so needed.

Why did she feel so depressed for no real reason? Just yesterday she was happy with the same life she found so plain today. Tucked in bed, she picked up her mobile phone to set the morning alarm and that is when it dawned on her. She read the date and immediately realized the reason for her melancholia. She was inching closer towards Mother Nature’s way of telling her that she was a healthy, fertile woman in the prime of her youth. She felt a sense of relief knowing that nothing was falling apart after all.  Her life was fine and in just a few days she would be too.

What is this monster that takes hold of a woman’s mind and body every month?

The Premenstrual Syndrome is real and a lot of women suffer it. Research says that three out of every four menstruating women experience some version of the Premenstrual Syndrome. PMS has a wide variety of symptoms, including mood swings, tender breasts, food cravings, fatigue, irritability and depression; which tend to occur in a predictable pattern causing physical and emotional changes that can vary from mild to intense. Although the cause of PMS isn’t exact, it is mostly a result of hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle.

Unfortunately we live in a world where, for too many societies, menstruation is taboo. Women are made to believe that their biology is a reason for apology. Guilt being an emotion common to the female psychology, women are conditioned to put their own needs and feelings on the back burner. But in fact that time of the month should be embraced as a wonderful reminder of what the female body is capable of. Maybe our monthly cycle is the universe’s way of forcing us to slow down and give ourselves some love and pampering.

So the next time you find yourself or someone you know cringing at the thought of the periods shed the guilt and the shame and choose to feel blessed instead!

By Jahnavi Laungani

Jahnavi Kohli Laungani
: Lawyer by qualification, she turned to freelance
writing as a medium to voice her strong creative side and multitude of
thoughts. She writes on all things that inspire her, from politics to yoga,
womanhood, life and more.Follow her at
She tries to balance out the challenges of motherhood while developing a
thriving career as a Work From Home Professional Freelance Content and
Creative Writer.

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