No Man’s Land – The space between choices – by Jahnavi Laungani

no mans land

No Man’s land  is a term we come across often in history books or war movies. Literally it denotes that portion of land that lies unoccupied between two opposing trenches. Crossing through this area during war poses the threat of losing ones life or getting captured by the other side. No Man’s Land is an interesting concept when considered in the context of our ordinary lives. It can be likened to those parts of our lives that are marked by ambiguity; the grey areas, the places that are familiar but still a mystery, where you belong but you cannot name.

We inhabit a world that is built on the concept of borders and division.Anything that remains unclaimed leaves itself open to attack and vulnerability, or so we believe. When you find yourself between choices, you can either jump into the next best option or try to find comfort in the ambiguity and the richness of the moment that you are in. When I moved into the Freelance Writing space I remember feeling something like being in No Man’s Land. It felt a little intimidating as well as exciting to land up on a terrain I didn’t start off on. Such feelings are common to any life altering decision, whether in the personal or professional sphere. When we are at the threshold of a decision it is easy to give in to doubt. You may feel like the ground under your feet is suddenly moving and taking you with it. But, when the decision is correct any action in that direction feels right and you are propelled forward by a kind of positive anticipation about the challenges to come.

Being a Freelance Writer there are no fixed lines or barriers except for the ones we set for ourselves. As a Freelancer, you live up to standards set by yourself, you motivate yourself and have to work on your craft all the time without falling into the trap of complacence. Yes, in a sense your clients or your readers are your boss, but if you are lucky enough you get to choose both ( which is the aim of the game anyway). Yet, at every stage you still feel like a beginner. There is so much to learn that the journey never ends. If you are good with words, analytical in thought and enjoy reading, Freelance Writing is a great avenue to explore. Words are powerful and when used optimally can move minds and change perceptions.

In the midst of the all the grey you could find the voice in you that is dying to be heard. In this connection there are famous words that state that, “Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought.” 

Any sort of creative expression helps us convey a view that may not have been seen before. This is the aspect of Freelance Writing that makes all the effort worth it. Creativity is meant to break patterns and gives the opportunity to adapt and change.If you are in a No Man’s Land remember that it is in your hands to create anything out of this space.

By Jahnavi Laungani

Jahnavi Kohli Laungani
: Lawyer by qualification, she turned to freelance
writing as a medium to voice her strong creative side and multitude of
thoughts. She writes on all things that inspire her, from politics to yoga,
womanhood, life and more.Follow her at
She tries to balance out the challenges of motherhood while developing a
thriving career as a Work From Home Professional Freelance Content and
Creative Writer.

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